Why Orbit Alpine Adventure?

Why Travel with Orbit Alpine?

For twelve years, we have made a clear understanding of the terrain and routes of Nepal. The diverse geography and equally beautiful Nature is a thing to savor. Our experience in high-altitude and regular trekking routes will take you to some of the most beautiful places in Nepal. Puru, the founder of Orbit Alpine has himself trekked more than 80% of the Great Himalaya Trail, and gone to 70+ trekking routes.

Given the amount of service providers, one might find it difficult to decide on which travel agent or tour operator to choose. No matter which one you do, there are a few basic things you must understand before you travel in Nepal. While the details are covered in our FAQ section, we would like to put down a few things on how we will try to make your experience in Nepal a memorable one.

1. Satisfaction versus Price

Traveling with Orbit Alpine is full of satisfaction because we organize tour and trekking with our clients according to their desire and want. Also, we have given full effort for organizing tour by managing all necessary things on time.

2. Great Customer Care

Being involved in the adventure and hospitality sector for more than 12 years, we know very well about customer care. And we like to keep an eagle’s eye on it.

3. Promptness

We know every people want services at right time, which is exactly what we do. Due to the quick nature of our responses, our customers do not have to worry about managing their time and trip in Nepal. They can simply relax and have enjoy their programs.

4. Professional Staff and Tour Organizer

It is the most important thing that a tour organizer and his staff should be highly professional. Our guides are well-known for their profession, who also have knowledge about first-aid in case of emergencies. Because of their professionalism, you will get amazing services.

5. Honesty

Honesty is the key to a successful life and it is the most important key to tourism as well. We like to keep things honest at Orbit Alpine. In case of any difficulty, or if any problem arising during your tour, you do not need to compromise your itinerary. We will see into the issue and try to solve it right away. We commit our full cooperation and support until things clear out. Our staff – both in the field and in the office will make your experience with us a memorable one in Nepal.

6. The Care

Many incidents tend to happen in the mountains because of the lack of some simple equipment such as lack of warm clothes, shoes, and first-aid kits. This makes trekkers and travelers unhappy with the staff. Right from the beginning we have felt and understood such problems that might arise. To address this issue, from the start, we provide enough equipment to all our staff. This way, everyone is focused on making the the trip a success where everyone is happy.

7. We are the Locals

Born and raised in Nepal, and working so long in the tourism and trekking sector, we encourage our client to have a taste of local food, enjoy the local culture, and live a local lifestyle so that you experience the real Nepal even if it is for a few weeks or months. As far as possible, Orbit Alpine recruits local experts as guides and potters to deliver the services.

8. Flexible

We like to be flexible in organizing treks and tour programs to our clients according to their time, desire and want. During the tour and trekking period, even if the client wants to change their itinerary, they can just share the idea with their guide; and we will do the rest. If you want to prolong your stay in the mountains of Nepal, feel free to talk to us.

Call it our paper-work, call it the our care – we try to keep everything simple for you. While our competitive price is combined with great support, our guides are certified professionals using high-quality equipment for every category of service you choose in Nepal. At Orbit Alpine, we invite you to have some fun with geography, nature, and culture.