Gorkha Tour

Duration: 1 Days / 0 Nights
  • Destination: Nepal

The kingdom of Gorkha was founded by king Drabya Shah in 1560 A.D. It came into notice during the reign of descendant king Ram Shah (1604-1641 A.D.), who was renowned for being a just king; providing background for a Nepali saying that urges one to go to Gorkha if one is looking for justice. King Prithivi Narayan Shah, a descendant of Ram Shah, unified the quarrying states and established the proper kingdom of Nepal in 1768 A.D. and shifted the capital to Kathmandu from Gorkha.

Today, Gorkha is a quiet and scenic town with historical significance. Spread over an area of around 3,600 sq. km., it lies around 30 km off the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway in Mugling. This quaint town is a favorite attraction for those interested in Nepal’s modern history. It might be interesting to note that the legendary warriors called “Gurkha” are named after “Gorkha”.

The distinct points of interest are Gorkha Durbar, Gorakhnath Caves and Upallokot. The Durbar is the unmistakable landmark at the top of a hill. It used to be a fortress, a temple and a palace combined into one. Gorakhnath Cave, carved out of solid rock, is home of the sacred temple of Gorakhnath. Upallokot is a magnificent viewpoint for mountains at a walking distance of about 20 minutes from the Durbar. Manakamana Temple, about an hour’s drive from Gorkha, is a revaered destination and an equally beautiful vantage point.

Day to Day Itinerary

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Early in the morning, depart from Kathmandu and after a leisurely drive of less than four hours, arrive in Gorkha. Spend some hours around the Durbar and visit Upallokot. Later in the afternoon, drive onwards to Pokhara.

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