Kathmandu-Dhulikhel Tour

Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights
  • Destination: Nepal

Nepal has a number of different things for everybody. The unparalleled natural beauty with it wonderful proximity to the mountains, with a mosaic of cultures, historical significance and diverse art and architecture are some of the things that attract you to this tiny Himalayan nation. While the capital Kathmandu and the Valley is an exotic destination in itself, places outside the valley such as Nagarkot and Dhulikhel offer wonderful opportunities for exploration and relaxation.

Kathmandu Valley is surrounded by hills and step-paddies littered with traditional villages and quaint houses. In several pockets of almost all villages, there is at least one temple and a shrine within an area housing gods and goddesses. Both Buddhists and Hindus feel right at home here.

Dhulikhel, located around 30 km from Kathmandu, lies in the east along the Kathmandu-Lhasa Highway. It is the major trade route between China and Nepal, and is sometimes called Arniko Highway. Culturally rich, the beautiful Dhulikhel is an old Newari town. It is an ideal place for relaxation and a perfect stop for photographers. It is also the starting point for many short hikes and day-hikes – and a picturesque spot for your photographic extravaganza. Dhulikhel is found represented in old-style bricks, Newari architecture and quiet cobbled lanes put together. A hill-station, Dhulikhel is probably the nearest location from Kathmandu to witness wonderful mountain ranges.

Nagarkot, an exciting drive up the hill outside Bhaktapur, offers the most fascinating and mesmerizing sunrise views from the valley. If you choose to hike around Nagarkot, you will have a deeply satisfying and enticing experience as you get immersed in Nature. Unobstructed panoramic views of majestic and legendary mountains – stretching from Mt. Annapurna in the far-west to Mt. Karulung in the far-east – can be seen from Nagarkot and Dhulikhel. Combined with a flexible schedule that matches your vacation in Nepal, a trip to Nagarkot and Dhulikhel organized by Orbit Alpine is a must for all visitors.

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