Our Team

  • Purushottam Sapkota

    Purushottam Sapkota

    Managing Director

    “Clients’ Satisfaction is Our Motto!”

    Mr. Purusottam Sapkota aka Puru was born in Dhading district which is located on the lap of Ganesh Himal (7,422m). He grew up by enjoying the enthralling beauty of snowcapped peaks of Manaslu and Langtang region, lush valleys, and traditional villages. As soon as he completed his school level education, he entered into Kathmandu Valley, the capital of Nepal for higher studies. He joined Nepalese tourism industry as a porter, whose role is very important to make your journey to the Himalayas successful and meaningful.

    His hard-work nature and congenial behavior with his guests and the company, he was promoted as the trekking guide in short time. During his tenure as a trekking guide, he has helped hundreds of trekkers who love adventurous journey in the Nepalese Himalayas. He has successfully done trekking to most of the popular trekking regions of Nepal with his clients. He has led the Nepal trekking and tour packages from easy to strenuous without any misfortune and accident.

    Most important story behind this truly human soul is that he has completed the Great Himalayan Trail trekking with his clients. As he says, “It took us a complete duration of 157 days to measure the major sites of the GHT Nepal trekking trail. We had to cross some of the adventurous high passes just with the help of a rope and handlines. As the GHT route was not quite familiar to us, we suffered a lot to find out the right trail. However, nowadays the time has changed and the GHT trek difficulty has also decreased as you can find teahouses almost everywhere.”

    After getting the thrilling experience of the Nepalese Himalayas, he has established a trekking agency named Orbit Alpine Adventure in Thamel Kathmandu since 2013. He has well understood the tourism market in the globe and can easily address the desire and demands of the tourists reaching him. His professionalism can be seen while talking about the members he has chosen to build a reliable tour and trekking team. His team is ultimately capable of ground handling and quick response to the clients who approach Orbit Alpine Adventure.

    Mr. Puru is one of the most reliable sources who can help you experience adventurous activities in Nepal. Therefore, as soon as the idea of Nepal visit strikes your mind, don’t forget to contact: www.orbitalpineadventure.com.


  • Samjhana Koirala

    Samjhana Koirala


    The CEO of Orbit Alpine Adventure, Mrs. Samjhana Koirala was born and raised in Dhading, the vicinity of Ganesh Himal. She grew up by assimilating the picturesque vistas of snowcapped peaks of magical Manaslu region including amazing landscapes. From here hometown, she migrated to Kathmandu for acquiring her higher studies and other opportunities to track her career. During the course of her studies, she decided that tourism industry is the one and only field she can do better.

    After being awarded with Master’s Degree from Tribhuvan University, she involved in the tourism industry as a tour guide. She speaks English and Chinese languages as better as she speaks her mother-tongue. She is very much liked and appreciated by the tourists she undertakes the responsibility of guiding them through the popular destinations. To bring a significant change in Nepalese tourism industry, she has been now involved in Orbit Alpine Adventure. As she has properly understood curiousity of the Nepal travelers, she can really make a difference in tourism sector in Nepal!

  • Bishnu Magar

    Bishnu Magar

    Trekking Guide