Janakpur City Tour

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights   |   Based on 1 Review
  • Destination: Nepal

Highlights of Janakpur City Tour

  • Exploration of a famous Hindu pilgrimage site
  • Many temples and ponds
  • Different festivals throughout the year
  • Customizable tour to other day tours in Nepal
  • Can be done by taking flights or roadway travels
  • Art and architecture of the Moghul and Nepalese style

Janakpur City tour is one of the popular day tours in Nepal. It takes you to Janakpur (also known as the Janakpur Dham), the holy birthplace of Sita. It is a historical place as Sita was born to be the daughter of legendary King Janak. Both the father and the daughter are regarded as the national luminaries of Nepal.

Later on Sita was married to Lord Ram, who was the prince of Ayodhya of India. Since then, there is a saying “Roti-Beti-Relationship between Nepal and India. It means, there is trend of going from one country to another for employment (to earn bread). And, there is tendency of marriage between boys and girls from the two countries since time immemorial.

Even the holy book of Hindus, the Ramayana has described about the lives of father and daughter. The story of marriage between Ram and Sita is really interesting! Therefore, Janakpur City tour is targeted as a holy pilgrimage tour in Nepal.

This city is famous for the Janaki Temple, which is a much revered pilgrimage site. It is visited by thousands of people coming each year. The temple is dedicated to Sita and her husband Lord Ram.

The city is swarmed by pilgrims and worshippers during the festival of Vivaha Panchami, every year. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the wedding ceremony of Lord Ram and Sita. It falls on the fifth day of Waxing of the Moon in the Agrahayana month according to the Maithili Calendar.

If you want to observe this wonderful celebration, you should plan your Nepal visit between November and December. It falls either in the last week of November or the first week of December. To confirm the date, you can contact Orbit Alpine Adventure.

the celebration, thousands of people from Ayodhya set out for Janakpur as in a wedding procession. The Nepalese people, especially of Janakpur, receive the Janti and provide them the best hospitality as they can. After the cultural practices of a traditional wedding ceremony are performed, the attendees are bidden farewell with the bride.

During the celebration, the people are brightly clothed dramatists and artists enact the ceremony with music, food and festivity.

Janakpur Tourist Places

Janakpur Dham is completely a Hindu Pilgrimage site that has a lot to offer to the visitors. You can visit many Janakpur Tourist places from temples to ponds bearing religious significance.

The most popular tourist places of Janakpur city are:

Janaki Temple

This temple is dedicated to Sita, who is also called Janaki. It is also called Naulakha Mandir as nau lakhs (9 hundred thousands) was spent to build this temple. It is made in the popular Moghul architechture by using stones and marbles. This temple is built in three storeys and hundreds of deities of Hinduism surround the temple.

Ram Temple

Around 10-minutes’ distance lies Ram Temple dedicated to Lord Ram. In the month of April/May and September/October, Ram Navami is celebrated in this temple premises.

Sankatmochan Temple (Hanuman Temple)

Bhootnath Temple


Dhanushadham (Dhanushasagar)


Sagar” in Sanskrit language means “Ocean”. These are the three ponds in the Janakpur Dham premises. During Chhath Festival in October, these ponds are highly decorated for the celebration of this festival of the sun.


Vivaha Mandap

Vivaha Mandap is the exact spot where the wedding ceremony of Ram and Sita had happened. During Vivaha Panchami, this place is decorated exactly as on the wedding day.


1. Which is the best time for Janakpur City Tour?

You can do Janakpur City Tour all times of the year. Only excessive rainfalls in summer season and thick mist/fogs in winter may disturb the tour. Or else, it is okay to do this day tour in Nepal all the time. Spring and autumn seasons are the best time for Janakpur City tour. The weather is fine and supports clear visibility of the Himalayas and green forests all around.

2. Can I drive to Janakpur City from Kathmandu?

Yes, you can! It is just 225 kilometers (140 miles) away from the Capital City, Kathmandu. It takes nearly 10 hours to drive along a public bus. If you hire a private jeep, you can cover this distance within 5 hours. For more details, click @ www.orbitalpineadventure.com.

3. What is Janakpur City Tour cost?

The cost of tour or trek package is determined by different factors like duration, services, guide and mode of transportation. Talking about Janakpur City tour cost, it depends upon your choice and demands! If you fly to/from Janakpur, the cost becomes higher while travelling by bus minimizes the cost. If you want luxury, the cost is something while if you want just to have basic services of food and accommodation, the cost comes to be something different. Therefore, visit www.orbitalpineadventure.com to get the right information about the cost of this tour.

4. Can I customize Janakpur City Tour package?

Janakpur City Tour Package starts from Kathmandu. If the itinerary and weather supports, you can fly to Janakpur; visit the important cultural sites and again return Kathmandu in the evening. But, this rush tour cannot be as fruitful as you do it in leisure. You can go to Biratnagar City, the second largest city of Nepal after doing Janakpur City Tour. Likewise, you can do Lumbini Tour, Chitwan Tour or even Palpa Tour and Pokhara Tour with this tour package. For more details, contact us via email, phone call, WhatsApp or online booking services.

Day to Day Itinerary

OPEN ALL DAYS Outline Itinerary

Reception at the Kathmandu Airport and transfer to the hotel. 

  • Meals: Welcome dinner
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel
  • Place: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1,350m/4,429ft

Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu with the tour guide or Orbit Alpine Adventure. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites will be visited. The guide takes you around The Monkey Temple, Patan Durbar Square, Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath Stupa.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel
  • Place: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1,350m/4,429ft

After breakfast, you are relocated to the Kathmandu Airport. Then, you take a morning flight to Janakpur City. It takes nearly 35 minutes to reach there; however, you will enjoy the aerial view of the wonderful landscapes. You come to see from the Himalayas, green hills to the fertile land of Terai.

Then, you will explore the places of religious and cultural significance in the remaining time. As you are going to spend the whole day visiting Janakpur City, no need to hurry. Visit the landmarks leisurely. Overnight stay at a lodge.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel
  • Place: Janakpur
  • Altitude: 78m/256ft
  • Time: 35 Minutes Flight

After visiting Janaki Temple once more in the morning, you will fly back to Kathamndu. You know, you can also take a roadway trip to return to Kathmandu. It is nearly 225 kilometers south-west from Kathmandu. You can travel this road length in about 10m hours.

After the plane lands at the Kathmandu Airport, the representative shifts you to the hotel. In the evening, we invite you for farewell dinner at a cultural restaurant somewhere around Thamel Bazar.

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: Three Star Hotel
  • Place: Kathmandu
  • Altitude: 1,350m/4,429ft
  • Time: 35 Minutes Flight
  • Distance: Dinner

According to the flight schedule, the team member of Orbit Alpine escorts you up to the Tribhuvan International Airport

  • Meals: Breakfast

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