Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Duration: 1 Days / 0 Nights   |   Based on 13 Reviews
  • Destination: Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty: Easy
  • Style: Tour
  • Transportation: By Air
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Group Size: 2-5
  • Max Altitude: 5555

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

  • Shortest and easiest tour to Everest Base Camp for the overall view of Everest region
  • Kathmandu Lukla scenic flight early in the morning
  • The glimpses of the Sherpa villages maintaining their unique lifestyle, culture and tradition
  • Opportunity to have breakfast or lunch at Everest View Hotel, one of the high altitude hotels in the world, just in front of the highest peak of the world, Mt. Everest
  • 360-degree panoramic view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. AmaDablam and other peaks from Kala Patthar, the best vantage point in Everest region
  • Aerial view of the wonderful landscapes, lush valleys, Khumbu Glacier, Khumbu Icefall and snowcapped mountains

Do you want to experience a helicopter ride over Everest instead of Everest region trekking? Or are you craving for short-time tour to Everest region for the majestic view of the gigantic snowcapped peaks? We know your answer is definitely “YES” if you want to have an experience of the Nepalese high Himalayas! And for sure, you are always craving for a quicktour to the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest and neighboring peaks. To bring your Everest dream come true, Orbit Alpine Adventure provides Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour package for your ease.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the fastest medium to have an aerial view of the mountain giants of Everest region. You can explore the entire Khumbu region within four hours flying in helicopter from Kathmandu to Lukla. Everest Base Camp is lifetime wish every trekking enthusiast who come to climb the high Himalayan region of Nepal. Everest heli tour is full of mesmerizing outlook of the snowcapped peaks, ancient Buddhist monasteries, Sherpa ethnic villages and lush valleys.

Beautiful View of Mount.Pumori

The eight-thousanders of the Everest region, Makalu region and Kanchenjunga region unfolds at their best original form during EBC heli tour. Numerous glaciers including the world’s largest Khumbu Glacier, icefalls including Khumbu Icefall and snowy peaks are the attractions of flight to Mt. Everest. In a sense, Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour facilitates you with the enchanting panorama of the Land of Himalayan Superlatives. The dotted Sherpa villages containing the century-old Buddhist monasteries just above the tree line in the Khumbu region are equally worth visiting.

Everest helicopter tourhelps you to get thrilling experience of the sacred peaks despite unwillingness totrek to Everest region.Day trip to Everest in helicopter is much more memorable but less time consuming event to feel the mountain beauty. Everest Base Camp trek is more time-consuming trip that requires physical stamina and mental commitment including good deal of preparation. If your vacation is short but you want to fulfill your Everest dream, Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is the best. Everest Base Camp helicopter tour cost is higher than Everest Base Camp trek cost but it gives you boundless yields.

Mount Pumori View from Kalapathar

Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour Nepal begins after flying in helicopter from Kathmandu to Lukla, the gateway to the Khumbu region. While the helicopter is refueling, you have the first glimpse of Lukla, a typical Sherpa village in Everest region. At Lukla, you can feel a sense of pride in relishing the rarest view of prayer flags and Sherpa Cultural settings of Khumbu region. Then the helicopter takes off to land at Everest View Hotel, one of the highest altitude hotels in the world. At Everest View Hotel, you can satisfy your wish to have breakfast just in front of Mt. Everest and other peaks.

After you finish your lot, the helicopter flies towards Kala Patthar, the best Everest vantage point showing you the soaring peaks. During the flight, you can see the mountains like AmaDablam, Nuptse, Tawache and many Himalayan glaciers waving at you. Helicopter tour to Kala Patthar from Everest View Hotel gives you the closest view of Everest Base Camp and the surrounding. The helicopter cannot stop at Kala Patthar for more than 5/7 minutes due to some technical circumstances.

First reason for this short stop at Kala Patthar is the high possibility that you may suffer from altitude sickness. Secondly, as the weather in the high altitude Himalayan region is unpredictable, the pilot does not want to stay longer. Final reason for the short Kala Patthar transition is the duration of Everest helicopter tour you have booked with us. If the duration of Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is short, the helicopter company doesn’t want to waste the time. You can modify helicopter to Kala Patthar package by paying additional charge to the helicopter company.

Kala Patthar is the gem of entire Everest flight tour as it gives you the 360-degree panoramic view of the glittering peaks. The silvery peaks like Mt. Nuptse, Mt. AmaDablam, Mt. Thamserku, Mt. Cholatse and Mt. Pumori peeping from behind them is really superb! During the stay at Kala Patthar, you can take some photographs by keeping Mt. Everest and other mountains on your background.

Everest View from Kalapathar

Afterwards, the pilot continues Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour with landing at Everest View Hotel again for lunch and some rest. Then, the helicopter lands at Lukla for refueling purpose and flies back to Kathmandu Airport completing your Everest day tour. Otherwise, the helicopter flies giving you the captivating scenery of Namche Bazaar, the trade center of the entire Khumbu region. Finally refueling at Lukla (Tenzing Hillary Airport), you will end your Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour by flying back to Kathmandu.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Itinerary:

  1. Pick up from your hotel and drop you at the Kathmandu Airport at 6:00 AM
  2. Kathmandu to Lukla Airport
  3. Flight Time: 45-minutes
  4. Ground Time: Maximum 15 minutes for fueling at Lukla
  5. Lukla to Everest View Hotel
  6. Flight Time: 13 Minutes
  7. Ground Time: Maximum 30 minutes for delicious breakfast of your choice
  8. Everest View Hotel to Kala Patthar
  9. Flight Time: 12 minutes
  10. Ground Time: Maximum 10 minutes for capturing photographs
  11. Kala Patthar to Lukla to Kathmandu
  12. Flight Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  13. Pick up from the airport and drop at your hotel in Kathmandu

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost

EBC heli tour organized by Orbit Alpine Adventure serves you with the best facilities at the most reasonable cost. The starting point of Everest air tour is the Kathmandu Airport and the ending is Kala Patthar in the Everest region. Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour cost is USD 1050 per person for a group of 5 members totaling USD 5250.

However, if the number of members is less than 5, the total amount must be equally paid by the members. We guarantee that you will get full entertainment with experience worth the cost you pay! For your assistance to get the right kind of information about the mountains and the altitude the helicopter has reached, we manage a professional flight guide.

Weather and climate condition of the Everest Region:

You all know that climate of a particular place depends upon its altitude and season of the year. Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is organized throughout the year although sometimes, weather can quickly change in Himalayan region. If the weather is not favorable, the flight to Mt. Everest will be delayed until the weather is clean and supportive. Everest air tour takes you above 4,000 meters from the sea level, so, there is less oxygen and low air pressure. Moreover, the sunrays are stronger.

In Nepal, monsoon season falls between July and mid-September when the surrounding of Everest region is completely green and crystal clear. If you book your Everest heli tour in this season, you can have the splendid view of the snowy peaks and live landscapes.Mid-September to December is also the best season for Everest Helicopter tour as the weather is really clear this time. The average temperature goes down to less -05 to -10˚ C in the morning and night time while during the sunshine rises up to is 15-20˚C.

December, January, February and March are the coldest months when there is high possibility of snowfalls in the Everest region. During these months, the average temperature decreases up to -10 to -15˚ C causing a little difficulty in clear view. From mid-March again warm season begins with the hotness 15-18˚ C showing you a fine blue sky and Prodigious Himalayas.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Gears:

Everest helicopter trip is a very short and stress-free journey around the mountain giants of the Everest region of Nepal.Therefore, you needn’t carry many things more than a daypack and warm clothes during this heli tour. You will get an oxygen cylinder if you think you need it while flying above 4,000 meters high.

Must-pack Things’ List:

  • Wind/waterproof down jacket, trouser
  • Warm hat
  • Base Layers
  • Fleece jacket
  • Gloves, thermal socks, and inners
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera with extra batteries
  • A bottle of Water
  • Light snacks

While experiencing Everest helicopter flight in winter season, you must wear thermals, base layers and down jacket. The cozy clothes are necessary as the average temperature of Kala Patthar decreases below minus degrees during winter.

Dos and Don’ts While On-board and Ground Time:

  • Fasten your seatbelts.
  • Sit in your own seat until and unless the pilot advises to move.
  • Don’t throw any wastage from the windows.
  • Don’t consume smoke and alcohol without the pilot’s permission.
  • Abide by the instructions given by the pilot.
  • Don’t move backwards of the helicopter while the tail rotor is moving during the ground time.
  • Always move from the front of the helicopter while on-ground.

Why Book your Everest helicopter tour with Orbit Alpine Adventure?

  • Run by a well-experienced person who has understood tourism market properly.
  • “Clients’ Satisfaction is Our Motto!”
  • Customized tour and trekking packages including EBC Helicopter Tour
  • The ultimate companion who values your needs for your Nepal visit.
  • Preferred and recommended by the clients for its high-quality services.
  • Certified by the Government of Nepal and other umbrella organizations.
  • Most reasonable cost and no hidden charges imposed on the clients.
  • Equivalent priority for group and private booking.
  • Responsible agency for environment-friendly tourism.
  • Regular interaction with the clients.
  • Good knowledge of socio-cultural aspects and natural sites of all Nepal tourist destinations.
  • All types of tours and trekking packages
  • 100% money back if the tour is cancelled due to other than the client’s side.
  • Friendly and highly professional team and members.
  • Entertainment and enjoyment at the fullest.


1. What is Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour?

Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is the shortest aerial tour taken around the Everest region for the wonderful sight. It helps you bring your Everest dream come true even if you are tired of thinking about Everest Base Camp trek 14 days itinerary.

2. Why is Everest Base Camp helicopter tour popular?

Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is popular among the tourists who visit Nepal for experiencing high Himalayas. Everest day tour has some unique features like aerial view of the snowcapped peaks, Sherpa villages, ancient monasteries and landscapes. Even if you are in physically challenged situation, flight over Mt. Everest lets you fulfill your Everest dream.

3. Is Everest helicopter tour affordable for everyone?

Yes, Everest helicopter tour is affordable for everyone when you share the helicopter with your group members. Everest Base Camp helicopter tour cost for private flight is comparatively higher than Everest Base Camp trekking cost. However, if you are in a group of 5 members not weighing more than 500 kg, you can afford it easily.

4. Can everyone do Everest Base Camp helicopter tour?

Actually, there is no bar for the tourists who want to participate in Everest Base Camp helicopter tour. From ordinary to differently abled people; from a child to an old man can do this tour for their lifelong memories.

5. Can I meet and interact with the local people during Everest Base Camp helicopter tour?

Yes, indeed, you can meet and interact with the local people during Everest Base Camp helicopter tour, especially, at the airstrips. You can meet them at Lukla while the helicopter is refueling and know about their culture and tradition. Similarly, you can talk to them at Everest View Hotel while you are having breakfast or lunch.

6.Is Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour safe?

Yes, undoubtedly, EBC heli tour is completely safe because the helicopter takes off and lands according to the situation of the weather. If the weather is not safe, your helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp will be postponed to avoid any kind of hazardous result.

7. Do we need a guide for Everest Helicopter tour?

Hiring a guide is your wish after all! You can book a professional guide from Orbit Alpine Adventure for your assistance to know all about Everest region. Besides, the pilot flying your helicopter tells you all about the natural and cultural sites of the Khumbu region. The pilot is highly professional with enough information about the region you are flying over.

8. How can I find the best agency to organize Everest flight tour?

Among hundreds of Nepal trekking agencies, Orbit Alpine Adventure is the best to organize Everest air tour. You can make a phone call, send email or use online booking facilities in the official website: https://www.orbitalpineadventure.com/.

9. Can we get Everest Base Camp helicopter tour facilities from within the Everest region?

Yes, with out any doubt, you can get helicopter tour facilities from within the Everest region if you think it is necessary. In case of quick evacuation and rescue from the Everest region, helicopter facilities are always stand-by as “Your Safety is Our Motto”. Even if you want to experience helicopter tour facilities in the Everest region, you can contact Orbit Alpine Adventure. Suppose, you reach Namche Bazaar and can’t ascend further, you will get helicopter for Everest air tour and return Kathmandu. Similarly, you arrive at Lobuche while returning from EBC and want to experience aerial view, we can manage for it, too. However, you have to pay extra charge for Everest helicopter tour to manage from within the Khumbu region.

10. Can we land our helicopter on any of the stations in the Everest region and fly back to Kathmandu by witnessing the view of Mt. Everest?

Yes, the helicopter can land at any station that has airstrip and return Kathmandu by having the glimpses of Everest region. But, the helicopter must be landed at Lukla for refueling purpose to avoid the hurdles in the soaring flight. For example, you can fly in helicopter from Kathmandu to Lukla; then Kala Patthar and enjoy the 360-degree view of the Everest region. You have to book the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour consulting with Orbit Alpine Adventure.

Note: Everest flight can be delayed, postponed and even cancelled due to unfavorable circumstances, especially, the weather condition. In such situation, you must be flexible and cooperative with Orbit Alpine Adventure. In case of cancellation, your payment will be fully refunded without any cancellation charge.

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