Educational tour in Nepal has a great prospect as it has a lot of materials related to geography, flora and fauna. Researches based on topographical variation, endangered species of animals and plants including culture tradition can be done in Nepal. Although a nation occupying 0.03% land of the world, Nepal contains all types of major climatic regions. Nepal hosts various endemic as well as common species of animals and plants found in the world. Flora and fauna found in the high Himalayan region matter of interest for educational tour in Nepal. Actually, they are right to quote that travelling around the world is the best medium to get lifelong education.

Expanded in 147,181 sq. km., Nepal is the home for people of diverse ethnic groups, languages, religions and cultures. Nepal is the abode of people having 125 ethnic communities, 123 languages and ten major religions but maintaining mutual harmony. Educational tour in Nepal can benefit you to gather knowledge about social harmony and religious tolerance found in the Nepalese societies. Nepalese people participate in each other’s feasts and festivals helping each other in the best possible way with a great respect. And living in a joint family as an age-old social institution must be the most interesting factor for international students visiting Nepal.

Educational tour in Nepal covers the wide subjects ranging from the lowest land to highest peak, Mount Everest. You can experience the high Himalayan climate and human settlement areas with their typical lifestyle and culture in Nepal. How it feels to spend some time in the surrounding of the high Himalayan mountain giants may be your curiosity. Every year thousands of international students from schools, colleges and universities come here on educational tour in Nepal. Educational tour in Nepal strengthens your knowledge gained from books or listening to the anecdotes from your seniors and teachers.

You may be questioning “What types of educational tour packages are found in Nepal to help the students get real-life experience?” There are a lot of Nepal educational tour packages designed and facilitated for international students for educational tour in Nepal. There are ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites like durbar squares, religious sites and national parks to promote educational tour in Nepal. Many historical sites and high Himalayan conservation areas conserving the mountainous animals, birds and plants are boosters of educational tour in Nepal. To experience adventurous activities like trekking, bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, etc., educational tour in Nepal is the best way.

Along with educational tour in Nepal, you can involve in volunteering works like school building, library maintenance and distributing drinking water. The Khumbu region is the best site for conducting researches on impacts of global warming in the Himalayan glacial region. A recent research on impacts of global warming in the Himalayan region has declared the rise in average temperature. Similarly, researches on endemic and migrating birds can be conducted in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve for the future uses. Educational tour in Nepal is best appropriate for conducting researches on endangered species of animals like one-horned rhino and Bengal tiger.

Government of Nepal collaborating with international organizations like Red Cross Society organizes educational tour in Nepal for student exchange programs. It is a great platform for exchanging cultural and traditional aspects so that students learn the human norms and values. You can use homestay sites in Nepal to know more about their culture, tradition and ethnic dresses and ornaments. To gather information about Lord Buddha and his birth place Lumbini, educational tour in Nepal is equally significant. You can visit the highest human settlement area, Dho Tarap and trans-Himalayan region with distinct scenery in Upper Dolpo region.

The alpine freshwater lakes like Shey Phoksundo, Rara Lake, Gosainkunda and the aquatic organisms can benefit educational tour in Nepal. To relish the natural beauty of Nepal, trekking to Everest region, Annapurna Circuit trek, Langtang region trek are suitable packages. To make the students familiar with the high altitude places, you can involve them in trekking packages to such destinations. During Himalayan regions treks, they can witness the eight-thousanders and other snow-white peaks and beautiful landscapes in these regions. Besides, the traditional villages and business hubs in the Himalayan regions are also worth visiting for educational tour in Nepal.

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