Everest Panorama Trek Faqs

1. How difficult is this trek?

Comparing with the Everest Base Camp Trek, this is a moderate type of trek because the highest point of this trek is Tengboche at the height of 3,860m (12,664ft). Even though the trail to this route is steep and sloppy, you can measure in an easy way.

2. Can I trek this route with my family members?

Of course, you can experience the Everest Panorama Trek along with your family for more fun and entertainment. We suggest you for taking help from an experienced travel agency for more comfortable accomplishment.

3. Do we need special equipments for this trek?

As there are many teahouses, hotels and lodges on the way to this trek, you don’t need any equipments except your clothes for high altitude. The agency you have booked through will arrange all the things required for this feat.

4. Do we suffer from altitude sickness?

There’s always possibility for altitude sickness while travelling through the Himalayan Region. However, your guide will arrange the first aid kit with all the necessary medication and will brief you about the precaution to be taken. Apart from this, you can avoid this problem provided you take enough water, hygienic food and a good deal of rest during the trek.

5. How costly is this trek?

Everest Panorama Trek is not as costly as Everest Base Camp Trek because it is just arranged for 8 days after all. For the reasonable cost and more idea, you can contact to the agencies which have organized the trek to different Himalayan regions of Nepal.

6. Can the trek to Everest Panorama be customized?

Yes, you can customize the Everest Panorama Trek by talking to the agency you have booked your trekking package. And the cost of the other customized package depends upon the duration, destination and other amenities you need during the trek.

7. How can we organize this trek?

You can talk to the travel agency in Nepal, especially located in Kathmandu for the organization of this trek. The agency will give you all details about the trekking package.

8. Can we trek through this route independently?

Surely, you can independently go for Everest Panorama Trek to lessen the cost. But as you may not be well known about the route, duration, trail and other legal documents required for the trek, you will be in trouble. Thus, we suggest you to book the trek via a reliable agency in Kathmandu, Nepal.

9. Do we find any teahouse, hotel or lodge at different points during the trek? If yes, what is their standard and cost?

Without any doubt, you can find teahouse, hotel and lodge during the trek at different stations. Teahouse is a simple inn with ordinary facilities charging you very reasonable price. You can find the hotels from normal to 5 star and their amenities and cost depend on their standard and your demand.